E2E Logistics

E2E refers to entire spectrum of Logistics activity right from picking up the material from Client site to it’s final delivery at the destination & includes all activities performed while in-transit. MFC performs E2E business in both Domestic & International business via all modes (i.e.) Road / Sea & Air.

MFC is an active member of GPLN & THLG, which makes us an impeccable player in this domain & with the help of our network & associates we are in a state to support any business anywhere across the globe. MFC has been involved in various International shipment from Europe to India & vice-a-versa & job responsibilities included complete E2E spectrum.

We are actively involved in several cross border movements by road & barge to Nepal & Bangladesh for their ongoing Hydro Projects. Several activities right from conducting Route Surveys & Feasibility analysis to providing Technical Analysis to provide solution to client was been done.